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Precision instruments for Heavy Vehicle Brake Systems
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What a Great Resolution!

           Maintenance Professional,

              Acquire 3 new tools that will save you time and money, and increase the number of miles between brake relines. 
              These tools promote a proper and efficient brake maintenance strategy.

              Purchase directly from the Fraser Gauge & Tool Company, a name that has been synonymous with heavy duty
              brake maintenance programs for over a half century. 

          At Fraser we work directly with transit property maintenance professionals and identify areas and procedures where
              time and money can be saved. 

              Below are three tools that are helpful, beneficial, and very popular with our transit customers:

  1. F-8095: The S-Cam Bushing Remover:                       

A must have for Low Floor Buses.  The outer S-cam bushing remover F-8095 can be used on all outer S-cam bushings on the front and rear of bus axles, thus eliminating the need of removing the brake spider from the vehicle to replace bushings.

  1. F-8093: The S-Cam Bushing Installer:

A must have for Low Floor Buses. The S-cam bushing installer can be used on all S-cam bushings on the front and rear of all buses.  Save time and money by assuring your department that all needed brake system maintenance is being done properly and efficiently.

  1. FFW113: The CNG Fuel Filter Wrench Adapter:

If you have CNG buses you could not have a finer tool.  The Fraser Gauge CNG Fuel Filter Wrench Adapter is designed specifically for use to remove the piston casing retaining the paper filter on all Cummins CNG engines.  This tool permits the mechanic to easily remove the housing, replace the fuel filter, and properly torque the unit.

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